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Spokeswoman says Hillary’s ‘put more information forward about herself than any presidential candidate in history’

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Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, has just one-upped President Obama’s laughable claim to run the “most transparent administration ever,” telling MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that her boss has “put forward more information about herself” than any other presidential candidate since… well, since George Washington, apparently.

Mitchell brought up the Goldman Sachs transcripts as “one of the things [Donald Trump] brought up last, and something he probably will bring up in the second debate” and asked about “releasing those transcripts.”

To which Palmieri responded, “Hillary Clinton has put forward more information about herself than any, I believe, any presidential candidate in modern, probably in history.”

“I think we safely, uh, I think we can safely say that.”

Well, alrighty then…

Watch the video below:

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Scott Morefield


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