Rudy Giuliani OWNS ‘Meet The Press’ host on Trump taxes, Chuck Todd retaliates by getting personal

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd got both frustrated and personal with Donald Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani Sunday, demonstrating just how divisive the 2016 presidential campaign has become — and how low the press, which is supposed to remain neutral, will stoop.

The former New York City mayor told NBC political director Todd that Trump did “really well” and accomplished what he needed to in the debate last week.

NBC News clip

“He showed that he understands the economy better than Hillary Clinton, he said.

When Todd attempted to rebut Giuliani with a tweet intimating that the debate wasn’t “Trump’s best,” it turned out it wasn’t from Giuliani’s Twitter account — but from someone posing as the former mayor.

When questioned about the New York Times’ questionable release of a two-decade old Trump tax return indicating that he’d paid no taxes for that particular year despite nearly $1 billion in income, Giuliani indicated that it showed he was “a genius” and “something we admire in America: he came back.”

The former mayor successfully avoided one attempt after another to cast the Republican presidential nominee in a bad light.

At about the 6:10 mark, Todd brought up the Monica Lewinsky-former President Bill Clinton affair and a statement Giuliani had previously made that if Hillary Clinton didn’t know what was going on “she’s too stupid to be president.”

The mayor said that what he’d meant by that statement was that Lewinsky followed a long line of previous affairs and that she’d had to have known the truth of that one and that “she was wrong to attack the victim.”

Giuliani didn’t dispute his own infidelities when the host brought therm up, but noted the difference: “I’ve never ever attacked someone who’s been the victim of sexual abuse.”

He added: “I think your bringing up my personal life is really kind of irrelevant.”


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