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Hillary considering Lynch for Supreme Court: ‘They’re bragging. They’re saying, look what we got away with’

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Just a few months ago, in the middle of a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email improprieties while serving as Secretary of State, the husband of the subject of said federal investigation, Bill Clinton, met privately with the Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.

Soon after, FBI Director James Comey refused to hold Hillary Clinton liable for any criminal actions.

And now, Lynch is reportedly being considered for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Folks, even a first-grader could connect these dots!

FBI agents think it’s rigged. Jason Chaffetz thinks it’s rigged. At least half of the country thinks it’s rigged. And now, even Democratic consultant Harlan Hill thinks it’s rigged, and said as much on a Fox Business appearance with host Stuart Varney.

Referring to Lynch’s consideration, Hill told Varney, “They’re bragging. They’re saying Look at what we got away with, and we don’t care if you know.”

“Government only works if we have faith in the system, and increasingly Americans don’t have faith in it, and the Clintons are giving the American people every reason not to have faith,” Hill said.


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Scott Morefield


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