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Ouch! Homeowner booby traps Trump sign and gives repeat thief a lesson he won’t soon forget

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After months of having his Trump-Pence lawn signs stolen, a Donald Trump supporter took matters into his own hands and decided to booby-trap his coveted endorsement of the Republican nominees.

And better yet, he set up a video camera to record the action, and it didn’t take long before someone crept up on his lawn, then ran toward the sign.

The moment he touched it he got the shock of his life, and became a contender for the high jump!

Children are told from an early age that if an item isn’t theirs, they shouldn’t touch it. But liberals never seem to learn this lesson, especially if it’s something they want for themselves — or, as in this case — when it’s something they don’t want someone else to have.

Sometimes it takes a little pain to make America great again. This was one of those instances.

Social media loved it.

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All of which makes one wonder who are the real Storm Troopers in this election.


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