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Hannity asks Trump about what he ‘considered’ attacking Hillary on but decided to shut up about

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After Hillary Clinton’s outlandish attacks on Donald Trump towards the end of their Tuesday evening debate, Trump alluded to something he could have said but chose not to say.

In the midst of a heated, very personal debate during which he was being personally attacked, Trump’s response, a sort of “I could say something bad but I won’t,” sounded almost middle-school-yardish, but one couldn’t help but wonder what the billionaire businessman was thinking.

Of course, the debate ended with whatever Trump thought of but chose not to say remaining unsaid … at least until Trump’s post-interview with Sean Hannity.

Trump mentioned that both Bill and Chelsea Clinton were in the audience and he felt it would be disrespectful to bring up, presumably, the seemingly endless list of Bill Clinton sexual scandals, all of which involved a husband who has been constantly unfaithful to his wife, and a wife who constantly puts up with it.

Sometimes, the things that remain unsaid can indeed say it all.

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Scott Morefield


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