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Chuck Todd has his own suggestion for who Donald Trump should put in debate front row to rattle Hillary

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NBC News political director Chuck Todd came up with a “better idea” for Donald Trump to rattle Hillary Clinton on the debate stage Monday night.

In a bit of gamesmanship, Clinton invited billionaire and Trump foe Mark Cuban to sit front row center at the debate, and Trump responded by saying he would ask Gennifer Flowers, who’d had an affair with Bill Clinton years ago.

Clip via NBC News

After former Democratic campaign adviser Stephanie Cutter recalled inviting 9/11 widows at a 2004 debate, Todd asked Republican campaign strategist Steve Schmidt about the wisdom of inviting Flowers.

“It would have made more sense to me had Trump responded with bringing … one of the grieving Benghazi family members,” he said, calling it “the counter that would have made policy sense.”

But it wouldn’t have been half as much fun.

Although Flowers accepted the invitation, there’s some doubt that the Trump campaign will follow through on it, and Trump running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence declared outright that it won’t happen..

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