CNN reporter assaulted, knocked to ground during live protest coverage

As things got more violent at what was supposedly a “peaceful protest” in Charlotte, N.C., a CNN reporter was knocked to the ground during live coverage.

CNN’s Ed Lavandera was reporting live from the scene Wednesday at a downtown Charlotte street when he was assaulted by someone presumed to be a protester.

Lavandera stood up after a moment while Anderson Cooper could be heard from the studio asking, “Ed, are you OK?”

“We’re fine, Anderson,” he replied, adding that “someone was taking their frustrations out on me.”

Cooper made a comment on Lavandera changing his location and told him to “take care of himself.”

Reportedly, the man who knocked the reporter down came back to apologize.

Lavandera posted his own message saying he was fine.

Other news reporters and media crews came under attack in the city as they attempted to cover the volatile scene, forcing some to flee the area.  A State of Emergency was declared in Charlotte as the protest turned into a riot Wednesday night.

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Frieda Powers


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