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Donald Trump’s best ad yet captures the spirit and passion of the ‘Movement’ his campaign has become

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In what is arguably the best campaign video produced so far, the Trump campaign released a new television ad that captures the essence of a movement and what it ultimately stands for. The ad will air nationally on both cable and broadcast programming.

If the groundswell of grassroots support for taking America back from the globalists, the foreign interests, the corporate elites, and the establishment politicians who put the interests of every other people group and corporate entity above those of the American people – if the massive awakening taking place from shore to shore of our great land, an awakening caused in no small part thanks to a man who decided to step forward as the people’s champion, putting his legacy and his reputation on the line to run a campaign based on putting America and Americans first for once – if that awakening can be described as anything at all, it should be described as a “movement.”

Of course, this movement is far bigger than Trump himself, but it exists nonetheless in no small part because of him. The narrator begins by establishing the key difference between a typical political campaign and a movement that draws packed-out stadiums everywhere Trump speaks. “It’s a movement, not a campaign. Its leader – Donald Trump.”

Along with the narrator’s voice, the video captures the rollicking crowds and Trump’s genuine interactions with them at various points along the campaign trail.

In a subtle (for Trump) dig at his Democratic opponent, the video mentions “leaving the past behind” while showing a picture of Bill and his wife in the White House.

“Changing our future. Together, we’ll make America great again.”

In a statement, senior communications adviser Jason Miller said, “While Hillary Clinton ‘distracts and diverts’ attention away from her horrific record with negative advertisements that lack substance, our campaign plans on promoting the positive energy that has turned Mr. Trump’s campaign into a full-fledged movement.”

Indeed he has, and millions of Americans are mobilized and ready to take their country back.

Watch the ad below:

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Scott Morefield


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