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Shep Smith channels Obama: ‘if it looks like a duck . . .’

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Following yet another rash of Islamic terrorist attacks on this nation, as usual liberals are falling over each other to explain why Muslims aren’t REALLY Muslims to all of us ‘if it looks like a duck’ knuckle-draggers.

Of course, being the liberal he has increasingly proven to be, Fox News host Shepard Smith felt the need to chip in and explain to his viewers that, after all, we aren’t really in a religious war with Islam, but instead folks who have “bastardized the religion,” or something.

Watch this:

[wpvideo YbcyV9Lo]

Hmm… “…words that came from a long time ago in a book that says this is how things are…” What book would that be, Shep, and what religion follows it? Is there some sort of ‘secret Islam terror book’ that we’re all missing here?

Shep seems to have this all nailed down (in his mind, at least), but for those of us who really want to let Muslims tell us what they believe in their own words, check out this eye-opening video:


Looks like Shep is following the standard Democratic, liberal, Obama playbook. Maybe he’d be more at home on CNN!

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