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‘She’s falling apart’: However you try to spin it, Hillary’s in trouble

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It’s going to be an interesting seven weeks!

On The Kelly File Friday night, host Megyn Kelly had Fox News Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt on to discuss this past week’s stunning polling gains by Donald Trump.

Highlighting Trump’s gains in the traditional blue state of Michigan, where he only trails by 3 points, as well as other states like Ohio where he currently leads, Kelly asked Stirewalt what Clinton has done to fall from her previously lofty position. “She’s got to be crying in her soup!” Kelly said.

“She’s falling apart,” Stirewalt said. “And I would say that this has to do with the health problems and the lying about health problems, and then before that you had this news about emails and also about funny business about the Clinton foundation so she has had a drumbeat of negative stories and things that really reinforce the things that people like least about her and husband and her family.”

Discussing Trump’s strategy going forward, Kelly and Stirewalt discussed the likely loss of Virginia and Colorado, but the fact that Trump could replace those states with others like Pennsylvania, Nevada, Minnesota, or Iowa, where he is currently in excellent shape.

Strikingly, as opposed to only 10 percent four years ago, 1 in 5 voters do not express support for either candidate. Will these people vote or stay home, and if they vote, what will they decide?

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