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Trash-talkin Joe Biden takes shots at Donald Trump’s health: ‘I don’t think he could keep up’ with me

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Joe Biden is throwing some serious shade at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Hot off Hillary Clinton’s health debacle that showed her collapsing outside the Sept. 11 memorial in New York City, the Democrats are desperate to turn the tables.

So what does Biden do? He makes a remark about Trump’s health, declaring the business mogul with more stamina than a thoroughbred xxx (as can be judged by the fact that he’s everywhere, all the time, every day) couldn’t keep up with him on a leisurely jog.

What’s next, an arm wresting match? They don’t call him crazy Uncle Joe for nothing. But he did his best to have the for-now Democrat candidate’s back.

Of course they will. After they get their stories straight.

Until then, we wait, and reminisce:

Calling Hillary “thick-skulled” borders on a back-handed compliment. Perhaps Biden is getting ready to step in as her replacement sooner than some have speculated!


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