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‘Black Rifles Matter’ sign shakes up small tourist town in Maine: ‘People have cut their vacation short’

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Thanks to a large lawn sign, the small yachting and tourist destination of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is receiving complaints from the very people its residents rely on for a large source of their income — tourists.

In a take-off of the Black Lives Matter movement, the sign says, “Black Rifles Matter.”

Clip via New England Cable News (NECN).

Local gun shop owner Linc Sample said it has nothing to do with race — it’s about Second Amendment rights. He said he made it after an ad in the local paper supported an assault-style weapons ban.

“That’s really a trigger for me — the assault weapons ban,” Sample told NECN.

“If anything, [Black Lives Matter supporters] should be flattered I used the phrase,” said Sample.

Nonetheless, the sign has upset a some people.

“We have received a few complaints from visitors to the region,” Boothbay Region Chamber of Commerce Director Rick Prose told the station.

“Some of these people have cut their vacation short and left early,” Town Manager Thomas Woodin said, adding, “There isn’t much the town can do about it,” given Sample’s First Amendment rights.

One of the tourists who’ve lodged a complaint is Connecticut resident Paul Mayor.

“People are ignorant. They shouldn’t be putting things out like that,” Mayor said. “It’s taking a shot obviously at Black Lives Matter.”

Still, the sign has also received some support.

“I think they’re doing the right thing,” said tourist Jeremy Plasse. “Massachusetts has a ban right now, and I think they should lift it.”

Sample said the sign will soon be replaced by another sign — just to keep the conversation going.

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