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Hillary calls in to CNN about her health. Anderson Cooper thinks her claims are ridiculous…

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had her first interview after her “medical episode” Sunday when she collapsed while trying to get into a van.

Even though she was in friendly territory — CNN — viewers could tell that host Anderson Cooper wasn’t buying what she was trying to sell.

Clip via CNN

She told Cooper that she was “feeling much better,” and she thought she “could keep going forward and power through it” despite her doctor’s advice to get rest.

Cooper brought up another episode when she’d passed out and struck her head and asked her how many times this had happened in the past.

“I think only twice,” she replied, adding that she immediately felt much better after she got into the air-conditioned van and drank some water.

Clinton denied that she’d passed out at the memorial, or even fainted, claiming she was merely “dizzy” and lost her “balance for a minute.”

When Cooper pressed Clinton on her lack of transparency of her medical condition — specifically her pneumonia diagnosis — she claimed that she didn’t think it was going to be a “big deal,” adding that Sen. Chuck Schumer didn’t tell anyone when he’d also had pneumonia.

But the New York Democrat isn’t running for president.

Cooper continued to press the former secretary of state on the transparency issue, noting that her campaign didn’t say anything about the passing out episode until video was distributed making it apparent that something serious had happened.

“Oh my goodness, Anderson,” she replied, and then claimed she was much more open than Donald Trump, her Republican rival for the White House.

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