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Comic legend Jackie Mason has diagnosed Hillary; knows exactly the type of doctor she needs

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Before Hillary took a nosedive into her van at a 9/11 ceremony on Sunday, comic legend Jackie Mason floated his theory about Hillary Clinton’s coughing attacks.

It’s all based on a pattern he’s observed involving the questions being asked of her as well as her position in the polls.

“I noticed that the coughing spells come at very strange times, depending on what the issue is and what the question is. When she’s ahead in the polls, the coughing never showed up. Now, all of the sudden, as she is slipping lower . . . the coughing is getting louder and louder,” he said on AM 970’s “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” according to Page Six.

“If it’s a very hard question, you hear a fantastic cough. The cough never stops! And when the question is a little more pleasant, there is likely less coughing,” he added.

Mason also had a diagnosis based on Clinton’s low ratings for truth-telling.

“Anybody who can’t talk without lying shouldn’t see a doctor,” he concluded. “She should see a psychiatrist.”


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