Hillary’s flying lapdogs rolled her an orange with a question on it – no, seriously, it has come to this

Since Hillary Clinton spends much of her time avoiding the media, the traveling press pool assigned to her campaign appears to have plenty of time for creativity.

…and to prove just how seriously they take their responsibility to vet the candidate on behalf of the American people.

A Fox News producer, Tamara Gitt, posted an image on Twitter on Tuesday of an orange with a question written on it, explaining that the piece of fruit was rolled to the Democratic presidential nominee while aboard the campaign’s plane.

The hard-hitting question?

Would Clinton rather have dinner with GOP rival Donald Trump or Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Surprisingly, the orange was rolled back with an answer — Putin — as denoted by the circle in the image above.

But Bloomberg Politics reporter Jennifer Epstein was quick to run interference for the candidate, should someone accuse Hillary of being frivolous, by noting that a “staffer” replied to the question. Adding to the absurdity of the moment, she explains they are still awaiting a response from Clinton herself:

ABC News also clarified that it wasn’t Clinton who answered the question. If only we could get this type of in-depth reporting on the email scandal:

Then again, as a social media user remarked a couple of days earlier, the folks aboard that plane “aren’t reporters, they’re fans.”

Here’s a sampling of responses to the “orange question” from Twitter, although social media user “Flora” won the internet for the day with her offereing:

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