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Hollywood actor posts proof Hillary’s had chronic cough issues for YEARS – whose side is he on?

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Hillary Clinton’s hacking fits have drawn questions from supporters and critics alike, her latest coughing session having occurred Monday in Cleveland.

Is it a sign of a chronic illness as suggested by actor Adam Baldwin, or has she become a closet smoker, just like her former boss, President Barack Obama?

Or maybe it’s just her way of ignoring questions from voters and reporters.

Whatever the cause, Baldwin posted a two-minute clip of what viewers have endured while she’s been on the campaign trail. It was posted in February, so it doesn’t even include her latest coughing spasms — but it’s still brutal.

The video includes the message, “Hillary Clinton may be more sick than you previously thought. She’s had a chronic cough since 2008.”

Questions about Clinton’s health were raised most prominently by celebrity physician Dr. Andrew Pinsky, who said he was “gravely concerned” about both her health and the treatment she’d been receiving.

Shortly after voicing his concerns, CNN announced that as of September 22, it was cancelling Pinsky’s show, “Dr. Drew on call,” which airs on on CNN’s Headline News.

And then there were a few other opinions.

And one person recalled that Clinton aides used BleachBit to completely sanitize her computer.

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