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‘Hillary PR Team’ right ON-TARGET for their candidate, and you’re going to laugh out loud

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It’s not clear who exactly is behind Hillary Clinton’s REAL PR Team, but the Twitter account featured below is doing a great job at mixing truth with satire. They’ve been busy ‘defending’ Hillary, if not with reality, with witty, biting sarcasm.

And they’ve never been as on-point as they were during what many pundits are calling the best day of Republican foe Donald Trump’s campaign, his Wednesday trip to Mexico followed by his Arizona speech on immigration.’

Here’s the Hillary PR Team keeping it real during Trump’s visit to Mexico:

And then, during Trump’s Arizona speech:

Of course, they’ve ‘helped’ Hillary quite often this election with their unique PR spin. Here are a few more samples:

And finally:

So, assuming this isn’t Hillary’s real PR Team, maybe the Trump campaign should take a look!

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Scott Morefield


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