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Hold off on measuring for the drapes, Hillary: New polls show Trump tied in Ohio, and then some…

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We get it. It’s an uphill climb for Donald Trump or, for that matter, any other Republican who expects to muster the numbers it’ll take to overcome a massive national Democratic electoral advantage and win the White House.

In most analyses, Hillary Clinton pretty much starts off with OVER the 270 electoral votes she needs, and that’s not even including what pundits consider ‘swing states’ these days – like Georgia and, sadly, North Carolina.

However, according to recent polling in one traditional swing state and even a key state that’s been a Democratic stronghold for years, the race is tightening significantly.

Emerson Polling now has Trump trailing Clinton by only 3 points in Pennsylvania:

And the two are TIED in the key state of Ohio:

Although Emerson is a reputable polling source, the Washington Examiner’s David Drucker notes that the poll only uses land lines. However, it could very well be an indicator of things to come.

Trump still has a long way to go, and although Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight acknowledges the race is closer than it was, they still give Clinton an 80 percent chance of winning.

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Scott Morefield


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