What these NeverTrump ‘Republicans’ are doing to try to sink the Trump campaign

Anti-Trump Republicans are planning a TV ad campaign targeting voters in select swing state suburbs that will urge the party’s nominee, Donald Trump, to quit the race so that someone more suitable can take over the reins into the November election.

The ad depicts Donald Trump’s message during the primary process in which he suggests that he would drop out if he saw plummeting poll numbers.

Clip via Free The Delegates

“No. 1, I’m not a masochist, and if I was dropping in the polls where I saw I wasn’t going to win, why would I continue?” the ad begins with Trump’s statement during an NBC interview.

While Trump is talking, a graphic in the ad depicts a prediction of a landslide Clinton victory.

The ad, titled “Keep Your Word,” closes with a message to the candidate: “Resign the nomination. Let the RNC replace you so we can beat Hillary,” a voiceover says.

The ad blitz will run in selected suburban neighborhoods in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan, according to Colorado Republican activist Regina Thomson, Politico reported.

Thompson is also a leader of Free the Delegates, a movement that attempted — and failed — to put the brakes on Trump at the Republican National Convention last month.

Politico reported:

The ad is backed by a five-figure buy, according to Thomson, but the group hopes to eventually expand its run to Fox News Channel. It’s initially set to air on broadcast news channels beginning Tuesday. It’s marked for the four states’ suburban media markets, according to Free the Delegates, because they’re areas that typically lean Republican but appear to be tilting in Hillary Clinton’s favor this year.


The four states that will be hit with the ads are considered essential for Trump victory. Although he’s behind Clinton in the polls of those states, he’s been making steady inroads.


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