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‘Illegal immigrant’ accosts pro-Trump Pastor Burns on NYC street, but he’s not backing down

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Enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter, Pastor Mark Burns was accosted and shouted down outside Manhattan’s Trump Tower by a person claiming to be an undocumented immigrant.

“Do you want me and my family to be deported,” the man screamed in Burns’ face.

“Just because you’re loud, just because you’re talking louder than me, don’t make you right.” Burns shot back as he defended Trump from Democrats’ tired racism charges.

Clip via Fox News

The South Carolina clergyman first drew public attention for his unusual and highly partisan benediction at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Burns appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” after the meeting, which was guest-hosted by Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney, and said that Trump has numerous black supporters, “more than the polls would ever show.”

Here’s another angle of the confrontation, posted by NBC News’ Danny Freeman.

The clip prompted derision by an apparent liberal — but he was quickly put in his place.

Burns was accosted by the self-described illegal immigrant as he was attempting to enter the tower to attend a Trump-hosted meeting with the Republican Leadership Initiative.

Burns described the meeting as very productive, and the attendees, made up largely of minorities, responded positively to Trump.

“It was absolutely a unified front,” he told Varney. “To see these young men and women — African-American and Hispanics — voicing their opinions and giving solutions for Mr. Trump to continue to echo unification within this country.”

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H/T: The Gateway Pundit


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