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Assange vows ‘absolutely’ more leaks coming before election and it’ll be ‘significant’

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Will this be a game changer?

In part one of a two-part exclusive interview with Julian Assange, WikiLeaks co-founder told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that more Hillary Clinton emails will “absolutely” be released before the Nov. 8 election — and the information is “significant.”

“People … have the right to understand who it is they’re electing,” Assange told Kelly.

Clip via Fox News Channel

“We’ve received quite a lot of material,” he said. “We have to assess the veracity [of the documents]. We have a perfect 10-year record so far in never getting it wrong and we want to keep that reputation.”

Although he wouldn’t be pinned down on whether the information could change the course of the election, he said it was “significant.”

“It depend on how it catches fire in the public and in the media.”

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