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What the heck she is wearing? Hillary’s bizarre fundraiser in Nantucket stirs more questions

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In August — the hottest month of the year — Hillary Clinton campaigned at a fundraiser in Nantucket bundled up in black slacks and what appears to be a heavy coat.

What’s going on?

It wasn’t a blast of unusually cold weather that made her do it — other women are seen looking very comfortable wearing their sleeveless summer dresses. But Clinton? She looks more like Nanook of the North.

Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich reported:

Of course, we have no way of telling whether her coat is wool, but it certainly appears to be heavy.

Additional shots were taken by the somewhat left-leaning Politico and someone who describes herself as “all in for HRC,” but neither commented on Clinton’s odd attire.

Clinton arrived in Nantucket from Martha’s Vineyard, a distance of about 20 miles — via private jet.

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H/T: The Gateway Pundit


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