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Trump’s ‘ideological test’? Yeah, a majority of immigrants agree with him

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A sizable portion of United States immigrants support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tough stance on the issue.

A new poll from Morning Consultant shows 61 percent of all voters stand with Trump on his plan for an “ideological test” when applying for visas.

“Immigrants, or children or grandchildren of immigrants, also hold similar views to the entire electorate on Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban entry to the U.S. from people residing in countries with a history of terrorism. But there were small differences among those voters who differ by generation,” Morning Consultant reported.

MorningConsultant.com conducted a poll to see where immigrants stand on Donald Trump's proposals.
MorningConsultant.com conducted a poll to see where immigrants stand on Donald Trump’s proposals.


“Americans who immigrated to the U.S. were the least likely to back the proposal, with 52 percent expressing support for it and 39 percent in opposition. At 68 percent, support for the ban was stronger among first generation Americans than the entire electorate (59 percent). Only 22 percent of that generation said they oppose it, compared with 27 percent of all voters,” Morning Consultant said.


Second-generation Americans support the proposed ban 59 percent to 32 percent, and third-generation Americans support it by a 55 percent to 34 percent margin.

“To put these new procedures in place, we will have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism,” Trump said in a speech in Youngstown, Ohio, Morning Consultant reported. “As soon as I take office, I will ask the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to identify a list of regions where adequate screening cannot take place. We will stop processing visas from those areas until such time as it is deemed safe to resume based on new circumstances or new procedures.”


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