‘No excuse’ Hillary thinks she found a fall guy for email scandal – you’d better believe he’s Republican

One day after Hillary Clinton described herself as “a kind of no-excuse person,” it was revealed that she’d blamed former Secretary of State Colin Powell for her decision to use a private email account to conduct official State Department business.

The New York Times reported that she made the statement last month during her three-and-a-half hour interrogation by the FBI, according to someone who was familiar with the notes that were taken at that meeting.

Although Powell freely admitted that he used a private email account while he was secretary of state, he also cautioned against using it for messages containing classified information. In addition, Powell didn’t hire private contractors or have a private email server sitting in his basement as did Clinton.

Also, the rule changed regarding email practices within the Department of State. The Times reported:

A State Department inspector general report released in May said that Mr. Powell and other senior officials had used personal email accounts for official business, but that by the time Mrs. Clinton took office the rules were clear that using a private server in such a manner was neither allowed nor encouraged because of “significant security risks.”


After being interviewed by agents, FBI Director James Comey recommended that charges not be brought against Clinton, but added that her use of a private server for all communications was “extremely careless.”

Time magazine political reporter Zeke Miller tweeted:

And others saw it as more of the same “pass the buck” Clinton strategy.

One person noted Powell’s caveat that a private account should only be used for transmitting unclassified information.

And one couldn’t help but notice Powell’s race.

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