Team USA’s Ryan Lochte says he was robbed in Rio, judge points to surveillance & claims he’s lying

Was Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte robbed in Rio? Were fellow swimmers Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz accosted by thugs after partying outside of the Olympic Village?

Well, it may take some time for the full story to come out.

Lochte is back on U.S. soil. Bentz and Conger were removed from a departing airplane late Wednesday and remain in Brazil. Feigen also is in Brazil and is cooperating with authorities, NBC reported Thursday morning.

In an interview Wednesday night with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Lochte stuck to his basic story that he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint Sunday morning, though he did change a few of the details.

No, they were not pulled over by police while riding in a taxi. Instead, they were at a gas station when the robbery occurred, USAToday reported. Lauer was interviewed by fellow NBC broadcaster Bob Costas.

“They had gone to the bathroom in a gas station,” Lauer said. “They got back to the taxi, and when they told the taxi driver to go, he didn’t move. They said, ‘let’s go’ again, ‘we’ve got to get out of here,’ and again the taxi driver didn’t move. And that’s when he says two men approached the car with guns and badges.”

And no, the thieves did not point a gun at Lochte’s head.

“That’s not exactly what happened,” Lochte said, according to Lauer. Lochte described one of the robbers cocking the gun and pointing it “in my direction,” but not directly on his forehead.

Brazilian authorities are skeptical of the story being told, according to the Daily Mail.

Video showing the four American medalists returning to the secured Olympic Village doesn’t jibe with some of the statements given to authorities, the Daily Mail reported.


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