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Bill Kristol says Breitbart’s Bannon joining Trump team is a ‘disservice to Andrew’s memory’

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He was called a “renegade Jew” by Breitbart News, but that’s not what has The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol fuming.

No, Kristol is red-hot because Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon is jumping into politics as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign chief executive officer.

“I knew Breitbart well, and he was a troublemaker but he was a good-hearted person,” Kristol said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. “I hate the fact that it’s called Breitbart News. If they changed the name and called it Right Wing Intolerant Mean-Spirited News, that would be fine.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re sitting around talking about ‘Breitbart.’ It’s a disservice to Andrew’s memory,” Kristol said.

Kristol earned the “renegade Jew” moniker from Breitbart earlier this year when he decided not to support Trump’s presidential campaign.

Andrew Breitbart founded the news website that bears his name in 2007. He died in 2012. He was 43 years old.


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