Carolina QB Cam Newton’s comments about race has the left frothing at the mouth

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In a wide-ranging interview with GQ’s Zach Baron that touched everything from politics to fashion choices, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton answered the question “Do you feel like football fans are racist toward you?” in a way that has earned him some critics from the left.

It’s not racism,” Newton responded. “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.”

When asked what it was if not racism, Newton said, “I’ll let you be the judge. I don’t look at it like that. I look at it like some people have certain beliefs, and I have my own belief, and we can agree to disagree on certain things. But this is what makes sports so amazing, that we can start a discussion around a table, in the newspaper, in the magazines, that will get people’s attention. And that’s what sports does.”

In response to Baron reminding him of his pre-Super Bowl statement -“I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to” – Newton said, “I don’t want this to be about race, because it’s not. It’s not. Like, we’re beyond that. As a nation.

“You really think so?” Baron asked.

“Yeah. I mean, you bring it to people’s attention. But after that, that’s it.”

Not surprisingly, Newton’s comments didn’t come without some backlash from the left:

But plenty of support as well…

And finally…

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