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Another liberal narrative bites the dust as bodycam confirms race of the officer who shot an armed black man

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The myth that a black man was killed by a white Milwaukee police officer this weekend was shattered when the Milwaukee chief of police revealed at a Sunday afternoon news conference that the shooting officer was black.

Any theory that the armed suspect was shot in the back during a foot chase was also put top rest. The suspect stopped and turned to the officer with the gun in his hand, according video from the shooting officer’s body camera.

Clip via Fox6now.com.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said that the footage revealed that the officer “certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds,” according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and called for caution while the shooting was still under investigation, including reports from the medical examiner.

He also said he had concerns for the shooting officer’s safety, Fox6now reported.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett told reporters at the same conference that a still image at the scene revealed that the suspect, 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith, clearly had a gun in his hand when he exited his vehicle and led officers on a foot chase.

“A young man lost his life yesterday afternoon, and no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting,” Barrett said.

The Post-Dispatch reported:

Flynn declined to identify the officer who shot Smith but said he is black. The police chief said he wasn’t sure what prompted the stop but described Smith’s car as “behaving suspiciously.”

After watching the officer’s body camera footage, Flynn said the entire episode took about 25 seconds, from the start of the traffic stop until shots were fired. He said Smith ran “a few dozen feet” and turned toward the officer while holding a gun.


“[The gun] was in his hand,” the chief told reporters. “He was raising up with it.”

A total of 125 National Guard members reported to their local armories after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker activated them earlier Sunday as a precaution following Sunday’s violence.

“I’m hopeful that will not be necessary,” the mayor said. “But if it is necessary, we will do so.”

The violence resulted in six businesses being torched, four officers injured and 17 arrests.

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