The media praised Hillary for releasing her tax returns, but Donald Trump knows the real reason she did it

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax returns Friday to take the public’s eye off her private email controversy, Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign says.

“Hillary Clinton has turned over the only records nobody wants to see from her — the American public wants to see the 33,000 emails she deleted to obstruct an FBI investigation,” Jason Miller, a top campaign spokesman, said in a statement published Friday in The Hill.

“Everything she doesn’t want us to see has been digitally shredded or put under lock and key,” Miller said.

“This document release is nothing more than an attempt at distraction and misdirection by an individual who created and then purged an illegal private email server.”

The Clinton’s tax returns show the couple earned$10,745,378 last year while deducting $1,042,000 in charitable donations. But 96 percent — or $1 million — went to their own charity, the Clinton Foundation, according to the Daily Caller.

Miller charged that Clinton was hiding emails in order “to keep authorities from untangling this corrupt scheme that reaches into the world’s shady corridors of power.”

Twitter was quick to pick up on the controversy.


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