Dixie Chicks singer is furious about country music radio’s ‘double standard’ on Trump

Dixie Chicks front-woman Natalie Maines blasted country music radio as “hypocrites” for their treatment of Donald Trump.

The lead singer for the band has made no secret about her dislike for the Republican presidential nominee and called out country radio in a tweet on Thursday.

Maines criticized the double standard of radio’s treatment of Trump, after his controversial Second Amendment comment about Hillary Clinton, and how her band was treated back in 2003. Many country radio stations refused to play songs by the Dixie Chicks after Maines had said the band was ashamed that President George W. Bush was from Texas, the group’s hometown.

Maines is not shy about making political statements on social media and is unapologetic in her support of President Obama. She even randomly tweeted out his name recently – at 3:34 a.m.

She has expressed her feelings about Trump in Twitter posts commenting on his hair.

And, not ignoring the spouses, Maines even brought up Melania Trump.

She brought her up big time….

Reaction to Maines’ latest tweet on country radio’s double standard was mixed on social media.

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