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Remember when Hillary accused Trump of being a terrorist recruiter? Because the media doesn’t

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With many in the media outraged over Donald Trump branding President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton founders of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, few recall that the Democratic nominee leveled pretty remarkable charges of her own against Trump.

The oversight is “not just bias, it’s ridiculous hypocrisy,” wrote FrontPage Magazine’s Daniel Greenfield.

Clinton all but called Trump an ISIS recruiter during a CNN interview back in May while responding to his call to temporarily ban Muslim immigration to the United States.

“When you say we’re going to bar all Muslims,” she told host Chris Cuomo, “you’re sending a message to the Muslim world and you’re also sending a message to the terrorists because we now do have evidence, we have seen how Donald Trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism.”

Greenfield also noted that while talking to Business Insider, Clinton regurgitated a claim made by former CIA chief Michael Hayden that Trump had become a “recruiting sergeant” for ISIS.

“I think it was said just this week that the way Donald Trump talks about terrorism and his very insulting language towards Muslims is making him the ‘recruiting sergeant’ for ISIS,” she said.

It was a charge media outlets fell back on to question whether Trump was qualified to be president.

While it may be debatable which label is more egregious, there’s no debate over the media’s bias reaction to the two stories.

Tom Tillison


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