Meanwhile, guess who’s still sexting women? Spoiler: yeah, his last name is Weiner

The woman who ratted out former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, to the media claims the disgraced politician is STILL sexting with women.

… which means, looking on the bright side, expect a new round of Weiner jokes to be on the rise.

In a not-so-positive review of the documentary “Weiner,” Sydney Leathers wrote that Weiner’s “behavior will continue,” the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

“In fact, I am certain his behavior continues to this day because a woman who claims to be one of his current sexting partners has reached out to me for advice,” Leathers said.

She told Page Six her advice was to not contact the media.

“She was thinking about talking to press,” Leathers explains. “I said, ‘You shouldn’t do that,’ which would surprise people … but it was like, ‘Look what happened to me. It will impact future employment, relationships with friends and families.’”

Not that Leathers didn’t seem to enjoy her 15 minutes of fame.

Not only is Weiner allegedly up to old habits, Leathers says he’s employing old tactics through Facebook and Skype.

“Initially, I didn’t believe it was legit,” Leathers said, adding that she checked to make sure the pictures and profiles the woman provided were from Weiner’s social media accounts.

“It’s his actual Facebook — and the [same] Facebook he used when he contacted me. This was the end of May,” she said. “From what I gathered, they Skype. It’s Anthony Weiner, he’s not asking about the weather. [For me] he kept the vanilla stuff on Facebook and used ‘Carlos Danger’ for the other stuff.”

Whether he’s talking about the weather or anything else for that matter, anticipate a stiff wind of denial from Weiner.

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Tom Tillison


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