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Potential path to Trump victory involves something no Republican has done since 1988

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Almost every pollster and analyst in the country acknowledges that the road to the White House is an amazingly steep one for Donald Trump, or any other Republican nominee for that matter.

The editors at Business Insider released a video that uses simple visuals to explain just how high a hill it is, as well as what they consider the easiest path for Trump to seal a win, and it involves something no Republican has accomplished since 1988.

First, the states that are a lock right now give Democrat Hillary Clinton 217 electoral votes and Donald Trump 191.


Among the 10 swing states, of which Clinton has leads in nearly all, Clinton need only win five to be the next president — New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Trump, however, must win six — North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and a state last won by George H.W. Bush, Pennsylvania.


Though the video points out that Clinton does lead in recent Pennsylvania polling, it also acknowledges that the western part of the state has trended conservative in recent election cycles and is full of the blue-collar folks who make up a significant part of Trump’s base.

So, in addition to winning states that Mitt Romney couldn’t manage, Ohio and Florida, according to Business Insider, Trump will likely need to pull Pennsylvania to make his next address 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Of course, where Donald Trump is concerned, one should always expect the unexpected. For America’s sake, let’s hope this holds true in November!

Watch the video below:


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