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If Hillary didn’t know about the terrorist’s dad at her rally, we have a REALLY big problem

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With the media preoccupied with prescribing intent to the words of GOP nominee Donald Trump, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld was talking about rival Hillary Clinton’s “lax security disorder.”

Gutfeld was referring to the appearance of the father of the radicalized Muslim gunman who killed 49 people in Orlando at a Clinton rally just down the road from the Pulse nightclub.

Logic might suggest the Secret Service had to be aware that the Taliban-supporting father was seated right behind Clinton, and if so, would have informed the candidate … but Team Hillary said afterwards that the campaign “was unaware of his attendance until after the event.”

Either way, Gutfeld was struck by the strangeness of it all.

“At first, I thought this was a fake. I mean how could this nutbird get that close to a presidential candidate?” he asked Tuesday in his opening monologue on “The Five.”

“In the world of the Taliban, you don’t want to be a stone’s throw from anyone, especially if you’re a woman,” Gutfeld added.

And while he marveled at the media’s disinterest here, Gutfeld noted that it’s a part of a now familiar pattern with Hillary.

“It’s more of the lax security disorder that Hillary suffers from,” he said. “Whether it’s emails or Benghazi or relatives of terrorists, everything but her own privacy is an open door and priorities seem as skewed as her delightful bark.”

The good news is that she would have to be telling the truth if she really didn’t know. We all know those odds.

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Tom Tillison


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