Paul Ryan’s primary challenger explains how GOP establishment have ‘hijacked this great country’

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary challenger said Monday that it’s people like his establishment GOP opponent that “have hijacked this great country of ours from us.”

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen made this assessment Monday during an interview with Breitbart News on SiriusXM radio.

The primary is Tuesday.

“It’s people like Paul Ryan who have hijacked this great country of ours from us,” Nehlen told Breitbart host Stephen K. Bannon.

“It’s absolutely criminal what these guys are doing,” he said.

Ryan has served in Congress since 1999.

As examples, Nehlen brought up the omnibus spending bill and the Puerto Rico debt relief bill that was signed into law in late June by President Obama.

He also urged listeners to get on his website to volunteer for his campaign, saying, “There’s still time for people to sign up on our website and get on our phone bank,” on Tuesday’s primary.

“You would not believe the people that I’ve talked to … who have said, ‘I’m inspired by what you’re doing,’” Nehlen said. “I was just talking to a guy in Janesville who said he’s going to run for city council. I talked to a guy in Racine last night; he’s going to run. This is absolutely igniting exactly what we wanted: our country back.”

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Audio clip via Breitbart News


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