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Scary incident gives Black Panther leader new appreciation for cops – but it comes with a price

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A Florida black activist last week got a heavy dose of understanding “black lives matter” versus “blue lives matter” this week when he was robbed at gunpoint and had to call the police for help.

And he gained a new appreciation for law enforcement officers in the process.

Clip via Fox13 News.

While walking home from his gig as a nightclub DJ, Tampa New Black Panther Party leader Ali Muhammad, formerly known as Clarence Jones, became the victim of black-on-black crime.

“I was approached by a young black male who just came up to me and said, ‘Give me your earrings and your backpack,'” Muhammad told local Fox 13 News. “He took everything I had. At the time, he didn’t take my cell phone, and that’s what made me call 911.”

He must have had to swallow a certain amount of pride to make that call. Muhammad is often critical of law enforcement and has called for police reform.

While on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, Muhammad followed at a distance the person who’d robbed him — and he robbed two women along the way.

“One lady, she was in tears. She said she couldn’t believe it. He had the gun in her mouth,” he said.

After giving a description of the suspect — a young, shirtless black male with a handgun — the dispatcher advised him to stop tailing the man.

Within minutes officers were searching for the suspect, and finally caught up with him — identified as Antwan Robertson, 18 — hiding behind a dumpster at a Burger King restaurant.

Police returned Muhammad’s stolen jewelry and backpack, in which he kept a laptop and identification. The experience gave him a new appreciation for police.

“Police can be hostile and very belligerent. Friday night, I met some officers who [were] about business, and that was getting a bad guy off the street,” he told the television station.

“I congratulated the police,” Muhammad said. “I’m very anti-police, but I’m not against police relations and community relations.”

Apparently the New Black Panthers aren’t happy with Muhammad’s newfound appreciation. Fox 13 added this editor’s note:

The New Black Panther Party has since disputed Muhammad’s role as a leader of the organization. The local party’s Facebook page calls him a “local chairman” but the party, after this story was published, stated he “does not  currently hold leadership position.”

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