Will $400 million drop to Iran support terrorism? State Dept. says it can’t rule it out

That $400 million in cash the Obama administration gave to Iran may well be used to fund terrorism, according to a State Department spokesman.

Iran could possibly use the money to “exercise bad behavior” in the Middle East, Mark Toner told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday.

The White House denied the money was a form of ransom as it was airlifted to Tehran to coincide with the release of four Americans detained by Iran, calling the timing a coincidence.

Toner noted that the money was Iran’s to use, and he could not comment on any restrictions for its use.

“I can’t speak to what restrictions that may be in place regarding that,” he said. “That is Iran’s money. But, what we have seen, and I think some U.S. officials have spoken to this, is that the money has not been used — as far as we can see, for any nefarious purposes. It has been used for infrastructure improvement, development projects, et cetera.”

Using the money to fund terrorism was a possibility that could not be ruled out, however.

“We haven’t seen it used,” he said. “Now, we can’t rule that out again because we’ve seen Iran continue to exercise bad behavior in the region. We can’t change that overnight.”

Toner agreed with Blitzer that the U.S. has continued to see Iran provide military financial aid to terrorist organizations.

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Frieda Powers


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