France’s rising conservative star says Trump gives people hope, would vote for him if she could

Conservative French politician Marine Le Pen and her niece came out in support of Republican Donald Trump in statements Wednesday.

Le Pen, who is president of the National Front, a French national-conservative political party, said she would vote for Trump if she could.

Her niece, Marion Maréchal Le Pen, who is an up-and-comer in conservative French politics, said that of the two major presidential candidates, Trump would be “less harmful” than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s nominee.

Their endorsements come on the heels of Socialist French President François Hollande’s claim that the Republican presidential nominee made him “want to wrench.”

The Express reported:

MARION Le Pen, the niece of French’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen, has offered her support to Donald Trump saying the White House hopeful would be less harmful for the US than Hillary Clinton.

The rising star of France’s far-right party Front National (FN) wrote on Twitter: “Donald Trump is a less harmful candidate than Hillary Clinton.”

She has also said that the Republican candidate Mr Trump “responds to people’s hopes.”

The leader of the FN, Marine Le Pen, has said that she would vote for the billionaire if she was American and eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.


In 2012, Marion Le Pen became, at age 22, the youngest person elected to the French parliament since the French Revolution.

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