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Ivanka Trump tells Greta what her dad will be doing less of after getting into ‘hot water’

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, sat down with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday and one of the topics discussed was her father’s social media habits.

Trump said the media doesn’t portray her father’s strengths or his “compassionate side,” but social media allows him to get around the picture the media paints.

“But I think one of the amazing things about this election cycle is that my father has the ability to bypass that narrative and go directly to the people with his message and he’s doing that,” she said. “Whether it’s the arenas he’s filling or whether it’s his use of social media as a way to communicate directly and in an unedited way.”

Van Susteren then asked about Donald Trump’s use of social media getting him into “hot water.”

“Twitter does get him into hot water every once in a while, not what he writes but re-tweets,” Trump said. “I think he said he’s going to do that less frequently.”

But she insisted that Twitter remains a “very valuable tool for his campaign.”

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