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Wasserman Schultz’s challenger to file FEC complaint; how she tried ‘crush’ him is a violation of federal law

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Former Democratic National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic primary challenger Tim Canova says the fallen party leader tried to used national party resources to rig the election against him.

“It’s very clear that Wasserman Schultz was using the DNC resources to monitor my campaign and to strategize on how to crush the campaign. That’s a violation of federal law,” Tim Canova said Monday on MSNBC “Meet the Press Daily.”

He said he will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Wasserman Schultz.

“My lawyers have been going through the emails. It’s a treasure trove,” he said.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg about what she was doing at the DNC,” he said. “A lot of folks are unhappy with her, and this is what I mean, that she’ll be a drag on the ticket at this point.”

While admitting he has an uphill battle against the entrenched Wasserman Schultz, Canova said it’s not impossible to unseat the incumbent.

“We’ve been gaining a lot of ground in the past two weeks,” Canova said Monday. “Her fall from the DNC has really undermined her credibility and favorability ratings in the district. … She’s made a mess of things in a lot of ways in the district.”


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