Donald Trump: ‘If I were president Khizr Khan’s son wouldn’t have died’

Trump says if he were president in 2004, Khizar Khan’s son would not have died in ‘ridiculous’ Iraq war

Donald Trump said had he been president at the time, Khizr Khan‘s son — the U.S. Army officer who was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber — would have still been alive.

He made those remarks during an interview Monday with Fox News host Sean Hannity from a campaign event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Clip via Fox News Channel

Trump made it clear that when he spoke of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, he wasn’t referring to people like the Khan family by distinguishing them from the Muslim refugees that Obama wants to let in.

“I’m talking about people coming over here from Syria that aren’t properly vetted,” he said. “We don’t want to be in the same position as France or Germany, which is crime-ridden.”

Khan blasted Trump last week at the Democratic National Convention in an emotional speech in which he’d claimed that had Trump been president when he and his family applied to immigrate to the U.S., they would have been denied entry.

The Republican presidential nominee turned that statement around.

“I can say this if I was president — ‘cause his son died 12 years ago — if I were president his son wouldn’t have died because I wouldn’t have been in the war. If I was president back then, there would have been no war for Iraq, I can tell you that, because I think it’s ridiculous, the whole thing.”

He added, however, that after the decision was made to engaged in the war in Iraq, it was a mistake to have pulled out early.

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