Jon Bon Jovi may be ‘half way there’ to a Clinton administration job

If you want an idea of just how immaterial and superficial the Democratic Party has become, there are now reports that party officials are floating around the idea of giving rocker Jon Bon Jovi a cabinet post in the event Hillary Clinton becomes our 45th president.

Bon Jovi is a fan of the former secretary of state, and the idea of a new cabinet position for him would be in return for his continued support.

One can only hope  the suggestion was made in jest — but with Clinton, one never knows for sure.

On June 1, Bon Jovi officially joined the Clinton team and welcomed her to the stage at a Newark, New Jersey, campaign event.

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Source: Screenshot
Source: Screenshot

People magazine reported that the suggestion originated with the rocker himself.

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People were far from amused.

But recalling a classic Bon Jovi title, one thought the idea had at least some merit.

Rather than allowing the suggestion to die a quiet, merciful death, interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile picked it up and breathed new life into it by offering still more ideas.

*GROAN* Those suggestions were also met with some discord.

And speaking of titles, this person had an appropriate one for Brazile.

And we’ll have to put up with nonsense like this for another four months.

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