‘It shouldn’t be this close!’ Democrats are panicking after Trump soars in national polls after convention

Following a post-GOP convention bounce, Republican nominee Donald Trump is putting Democratic strategists and the Hillary Clinton campaign on alert.

Democrats are panicking after Trump took the lead in multiple polls following the GOP convention. The media panned the event as “dark,” but the American people overwhelmingly praised it, according to the Hill.

Media and Democrats are struggling to believe that the GOP nominee received such high ratings in the polls.

Now, they’re concerned.

“It shouldn’t be this close,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo said. “I don’t think there’s any question that the closeness of this race is cause for everybody to concern himself and recommit themselves to this campaign.”

Senate Democrats expressed their jitters over polling data during a meeting with Clinton at the Capitol earlier this month where some lawmakers “freaked out,” according to a Democratic senator who attended.

What’s rattling Democrats this week is evidence that voters are responding to what Clinton last week called “a dark picture of an America in decline” painted by Trump.

“A large number of us this morning were talking about things we thought were long gone out of the hearts for Americans,” Cleaver said.

After Trump’s convention speech, pollster Nate Silver projected he would win the presidency for the time ever during the election cycle.

Then, in a CNN poll, Trump led by six points, while in a Los Angeles Times poll, he led Clinton by four points. In another poll out by Gravis, Trump leads Clinton by two points.

All of this after CNN instant poll respondents said they overwhelmingly admired Trump’s convention speech, with 57 percent calling it “very positive” and 73 percent saying under Trump’s policies, the country would be moving in the right direction.

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