After ‘Black Lives Matter’ and police host heartwarming event in Kansas, the ‘real’ BLM speaks up

A Wichita, Kansas Black Lives Matter protest directed against police violence reportedly turned into a BLM-law enforcement love-fest, but other members of the movement are saying “uh uh, no way.”

CBS News reported that when Wichita police officers spotted a group of Black Lives Matter activists demonstrating alongside a local highway, they invited the group to a cookout for some food, music and a little conversation.

Not only did the group accept, but a video of officers dancing with BLM members went viral on Facebook, garnering more than 18 million views.

The video’s description said: “Tonight the #blacklivesmatter movement planned on having another protest, but instead agreed to cohost a ‘first steps’ BBQ with the Wichita Police Department. The community got together and had open/honest discussion between its citizens and law enforcement.”

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The Root, which describes itself a media outlet that offers “thought-provoking commentary and news from a variety of black perspectives,” reported:

But the Washington, D.C. Black Lives Matter chapter called the Wichita group imposters. It tweeted:

“Principles”? They have principles?

At least one person thought that the BLM-police barbecue was in keeping with BLM principles.

But that view is hardly shared by other chapters. When the suggestion of a barbecue was made to Black Lives Matter protesters in Oakland, California, the response was “I eat pigs — I don’t eat with them.”

So much for harmony among the races.

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