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Peter King gets personal and goes straight for Ted Cruz’s jugular after RNC: ‘He’s a total fraud!’

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Rep. Peter King indicated Wednesday that he’s throwing his full support behind Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency — especially in light of Sen. Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse the Republican presidential nominee.

“He’s a fraud, he’s a liar, he’s self-centered, and he disqualified himself from ever being considered for president of the United States,” King said of the Texas Republican to NBC News following Cruz’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

“He took a pledge to support the nominee,” King continued, adding that his action proved that he was a “total fraud” and not a loyal party member.

King said he deserved every bit of “anger” and “outrage” on the RNC floor as the Texas Senator was wildly booed from by the audience. King called Cruz an “untruthful person” and urged his supporters to get behind someone who they truly believe in.

“It’s not so much his message we disagree with. It’s him as a human being and as a person.”

Earlier that day, King, a New York Republican, told CNN political analyst David Gregory on a podcast that although Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was his first choice for president, he was at the Cleveland convention fully supporting Donald Trump as his party’s standard-bearer.

He told Gregory he was all over the map of candidates during the primary season. Although he publicly endorsed Rubio, he also supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Several factors led to his eventual support for Trump.

“One, he is the nominee of the party,” he told Gregory at about the 12:55 mark, and two, although he “has some real differences” with Trump, “the alternative is Hillary Clinton.

“Trump’s instincts would be better [than Clinton’s], although I’m certainly not going to support everything he said,” King explained.

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