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‘This isn’t about you!’ Woman lays into Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump & rallies Texas delegates

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After delivering a not-so-well received speech to the Republican National Convention (RNC), where he refused to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, was heckled by part of his own Texas Republican delegation.

Cruz got busy trying to explain away his non-endorsement of Trump Thursday morning, but the massaging of his RNC message wasn’t exactly sitting well with at least one delegate.

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“I know that many things were said in the campaign,” the Texas delegate said. “Ugly things, terrible things that should have never taken place. I believe what you just said that you defend your family, that you defend your wife, your marriage, your father, and I voted for you, I love you dearly and I have great respect for you.”

“However, I have to say that it is not about Donald Trump,” said the woman. “It’s not about Ted Cruz or Heidi Cruz or Rafael Cruz. It is about the United States.”

The delegates’ message to Cruz was met with sweeping cheers and applause, as the crowd stood in support of the sentiment and began chanting “U-S-A!”

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Cruz’s entire speech can be watched here:

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