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‘New campaign rule’ . . . Dana Perino gives her unique perspective on Melania plagiarism fuss in one tweet

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On Tuesday morning, Fox News personality Dana Perino took to Twitter upon learning that one potential future first lady’s speech may have been too similar to a past speech given by the current first lady.

No stranger to White House politics, the former spokeswoman for President George W. Bush tweeted:

CNN reported earlier in the day that Melania Trump, wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, used parts of a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in her address to the Republican National Convention Monday hight.

The Trump campaign, however, categorically denied that any cribbing took place.

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But as Perino observed, the news, whether true or not, was a distinct downer to what should have been a night of celebration. And she received plenty of replies from many who blamed the accusation on a liberal media.

Some saw it as a problem for the Trump campaign.

Still, others wanted Perino to put on her happy face and think positive thoughts.

And then there was this observation.

Yep. Hard work and honesty just don’t seem to apply to the Obamas.


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