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Dallas Police Chief shames Black Lives Matter with proposal that might actually make a difference

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President Barack Obama spoke on Tuesday at a memorial service in Dallas for the five law enforcement officers killed by a black man sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement and while the president spoke eloquently about the cops, he also talked about racial divisions and cops targeting black people.

“We wonder if an African-American community that feels unfairly targeted by police, and police departments that feel unfairly maligned for doing their jobs, can ever understand each other’s experience,” Obama said.

Well, Dallas Police Chief David Brown had an answer to Obama’s ill-timed curiosity — an answer directed specifically at the violent anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement.

“Don’t be a part of the problem. We’re hiring,” Brown said at a news conference on Monday. “Get out of the protest line and put an application in. We’ll put you in your neighborhood.”

The police chief cautioned that it can be a thankless job, but can be worth the difficulties.

“I love serving,” he said. “Out of all the crap we have to take as police officers, the satisfaction you get from serving is … gratifying.”

A remarkable disposition, given Brown’s own life experiences, which is sure to top that of permanently aggrieved, militant social justice warriors out protesting police conduct — his son died in 2010 after being shot and killed by police officers. On Father’s Day.

David Brown Jr., 27-years-old at the time, had killed a police officer earlier in the day.

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Tom Tillison


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