President Obama faces fiery blowback at race town hall: BLM activist starts screaming as taping ends

As taping of ABC’s “The President & the People: A National Conversation” concluded Thursday, a very emotional audience member Erica Gardner, Black Lives Matter activist and daughter of Eric Gardner, exploded from her chair.

Eric Gardner was the New York “chokehold victim” who died after being restrained by an NYPD officer attempting to arrest him. The officer was subsequently cleared of all charges by a Staten Island grand jury.

“I was railroaded! I was railroaded by ABC on the two-year anniversary of my father’s death!” Erica was heard yelling immediately after the meeting, according to CNN Money. “That’s what I have to do? A black person has to yell to be heard?”

Garner then took to social media to voice her rage, and called the event “a farce.”

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But with or without Garner’s questions, President Obama still found that at least somne of the blame for the murders of five Dallas police officers fell on the shoulders of law enforcement itself.

“The roots of the problems we saw this week date back not just decades — date back centuries,” he said.


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