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Leftist columnist wants journalists honored instead of troops – makes a very bad call

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A Boston Globe columnist has a problem with honoring the military at sporting events.

Michael Cohen posted a comment on Twitter complaining about the  7th Inning Stretch being a time to honor our military during the All Star Game. Instead, he lamented, why not honor public defenders, social workers and journalists?

Many who disagreed with Cohen took issue with his inclusion of journalists to the list of potential honorees.

Cohen responded with a list of journalists who have been killed in the field.

Though it did not seem to work to sway opinions.

Cohen even went on to list others he thought deserved more respect than our military.

Unfortunately, he was quite serious and every tweet earned him another round of responses. There were some who agreed:

But far more Twitter users found that “elevating troops” was not a bad thing at all.

After much debate, and taking some heat for his original tweet, Cohen came back with a clarification that only served to reinforce that he had missed the point.

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